15 Interesting Facts About Marine Life Your Kids Will Love

15 Interesting Facts About Marine Life Your Kids Will Love

The ocean is a magical place, one filled with a diverse collection of marine life. Yet so much about the ocean is unknown to us. However, we can all agree there is something fascinating about many of the ocean's creatures. This week we have fifteen fun and interesting facts about marine life that are perfect for sharing with your kids! Perhaps you can even turn it into a fun lesson for all those kids stuck at home. Either way, we think you'll agree the ocean is an incredible place. Here on Topsail Island we understand that better than most as we have the pleasure of living so close to what we all love so much. 

Sound Travels 

The speed of sound in water is 1,435 m/sec – nearly five times faster than the speed of sound in air. That is faster than a fighter jet. 

Life Needs the Ocean

The oceans provide 99% of the living space on the planet containing 50-80% of all life. Wow, that is a lot of life living under the water! Think of how important the ocean is to our world. 

The Ocean Is Heavy

The pressure at the deepest point in the ocean is more than 11,318 tons/sq m, or the equivalent of one person trying to support 50 jumbo jets.

Giant Pacific Octopus Are Really Really Big

Did you know that the Pacific Octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter and has no bones?! Another fun thing about the octopus is that they are really smart and very inquisitive. Want to learn more about the Giant Pacific Octopus? Check out this fun video for a fun-filled octopus experience! 

marlin swimming in the ocean | seashore realty

Fish Are Fast

Swordfish and Marlin are the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds up to 75 mph in quick bursts; Blue-fin Tuna may reach sustained speeds up to 56 mph.

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The Ocean Is Old

Scientists say life began in the ocean 3.1 billion to 3.4 billion years ago. Land dwellers appeared approximately 400 million years ago, relatively recently in geologic time.

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Whales Are Huge

Blue whales are the largest animals on our planet ever (exceeding the size of the greatest known dinosaurs) and have hearts the size of small cars!

Volcanoes Are Part of Life in the Ocean 

Did you know that there are thousands of volcanoes that live under the ocean? What's interesting about this is you might think they would heat up the oceans and destroy the marine life. However, that isn't true and in fact the volcanoes play an important part of the biology of the ocean. Check out this video to see a real underwater volcano. 

We Love Our Sea Turtles

Did you know that all six kinds of turtles found in U.S. waters - green, hawksbill, Kemp's ridley, leatherback, loggerhead and olive ridley - are protected by the Endangered Species Act? It is also common for some of these sea turtles to arrive each year on the shores of Topsail Island as they have been doing for thousands of years. Did you know we even have our own sea turtle rescue here on Topsail Island?

Wow That Is Deep

The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean, with its adjacent seas, is 3,332 m; without them it is 3,926 m. The greatest depth, 8,381 m, is in the Puerto Rico Trench.

Lobsters Are Weird

Lobsters communicate by peeing at each other. They have urine nozzles just under their eyes and they disseminate pheromones by peeing in the direction of other lobsters.

The Ocean Is Full of Life

Currently, scientists have named and successfully classified around 1.5 million species. It is estimated that there are as little as 2 million to as many as 50 million more species that have not yet been found and/or have been incorrectly classified.

Oarfish Are Really Cool

Oarfish (Regalecus glesne), are the longest bony fish in the world. They have a snakelike body sporting a magnificent red fin and can grow up to 17 m in length! They have a distinctive horse-like face and blue gills and are thought to account for many sea-serpent sightings.

Sharks Have a Cafe

It turns out, humans aren't the only creatures in need of a winter vacation. In 2002, scientists discovered an area in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, partway between Baja, California and Hawaii, where coastal great white sharks will migrate to in the Winter. The scientists named the spot the White Shark Cafe and some sharks hang around the area for months before heading back to the coast for warmer weather.

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That's a Lot of Fish 

Did you know there are over 30,000 known species of fish? Now that is a lot of fish! Many of those fish call the shore of Topsail Island home, making Topsail Island one of the best places on the east coast to fish. What's your favorite fish? Let us know is the comments below. 

15 Interesting Facts About Marine Life Your Kids Will Love

What's your favorite fun fact about Marine Life?

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