Things To Know When Making Your Reservation

Periods For Rental: During the Peak and Value Seasons, all of our rentals are for full weeks with Saturday being the check-in/check-out day. Exceptions can be made on some of the properties. Some of our properties will allow additional nights and periods for less than a week during these seasons. Mid Season and Off Season allows partial week rentals when available.

Reservations: For booking your reservation, you have several choices. You can book here online, by email, or by phone. Before making your reservation, we will need your full legal name, home address, home phone number, cell phone number, and your email address. Once we have this information, whether it is completed online, email, or by phone, you will be sent a confirmation, rental agreement, and instructions for completing your reservation. With the use of email and our internet portal, it allows us to expedite your reservation requirements quickly and efficiently.

Minimum Age Requirement: In order to reserve a vacation property, the minimum age requirement is 23. However, on occasion we do make exceptions on an individual basis. If you are under the age of 23, and wish to make a reservation, please contact our office directly to see if you qualify. Special arrangements may be made in order to accommodate you.

Travel Insurance: When planning in advance for your vacation, unforeseen circumstances may arise that may put your vacation investment at financial risk. To protect your investment, we offer Trip Interruption Insurance with every reservation. This protection offers recovery of your vacation costs for things like: death of a family member, medical issues, mandatory hurricane evacuations, and more. For more information on this coverage, please Click Here. Trip Interruption may be waived, with tenant assuming risks of loss.

Accidental Damage Waiver: Our properties offer Accidental Damage Waiver protection in lieu of a Security Deposit. This protection offers up to $2,000.00 in coverage for accidental damage to a property during your visit. Click here for details.

Rent Price: The price of your vacation is broken down into several components: base rent, taxes (NC sales tax and local accommodation tax), Travel Insurance (may be waived), Damage Insurance or Security Deposit, other options (linens, pet fees, and etc.), and a processing/reservation fee. All of these combined are referred to as the Total Rent Price.

Pets: Some of the Seashore Realty Group vacation homes are pet-friendly and are noted so in the property description. If you choose to bring your pet, specific information is required regarding the type of pet. In addition a Pet Rider must be included with your rental agreement and an additional pet fee will be added to the cost of your vacation.

Linens: For most all of our properties, bed sheets and bath linens are not included in the rental price. However, we do offer linen rental service at competitive prices with no delivery or set up fees. If interested in rental linens, the price for the particular property that you are considering can be found on the information page for that property. Linen package prices include the linens for each bed located at the property including any pull out sofas. In additions to sheets and pillow cases, each twin bed includes one towel set with bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth; and, each full, queen, and/or king bed includes two towel sets. Please ask your reservationist for any additional information.

Cancellations: Details of cancellation provisions are included in the Rental Agreement to be executed by the Tenant/Guests. All cancellations must be received in writing. Certain cancellation fees and terms are included in the Rental Agreement.

Provisions in Our Properties: Our vacation rental properties are equipped and furnished by the individual property owners with minimum guidelines provided by our company. Each property is uniquely equipped with standards such as: pillows, comforters/bedspreads, coffee makers, refrigerators, pots, pans, dishes, eating and cooking utensils, glassware, televisions. Other items such as microwaves, DVD players, high speed internet, deck furniture, charcoal grills, games, additional TV's and other equipment may be furnished and is noted on each Property Description. While these additional items may be included as a courtesy for the property they are not guaranteed to be at the property or to be in proper working order at the time of your vacation rental. Refunds or credits will not be given due to the breakdown of these items. Also, please note that linens, as well as paper products, soaps, and cleansers are not included.

Property Types: We have several property types in our listings and described as follows:
  • Condo - Located generally in a community of different size configurations on multiple floors with shared amenities
  • Duplex - Units that are attached to an additional unit(s) and may be included in a larger community of similar housing types
  • Single Family - These properties are constructed on a private lot and not attached to adjoining unit.

Property Locations: We use terms to describe the location our properties as follows:

  • Oceanfront - Properties located on the ocean front with direct beach access. In the case of a condo type property or a duplex, the beach access may be shared in common with another unit or by the community where these units are located.
  • Oceanview - Property located without direct ocean access but with views of the ocean.
  • Island Interior -Property without direct ocean access or ocean views and not second row
  • Second Row - Property located across the street from the ocean
  • Canal Front - Property located along a manmade waterfront canal many times with access to navigable water
  • Soundfront - Property located on the sound or Intracoastal Waterway
  • Soundview - Property located on the sound or marsh side with views of open water or the marsh area.

Check-in: Normal check-in time for our properties is 4:00 p.m. Sometimes, depending on cleaning schedules and tenants checking out, an earlier check-in time can be provided, but cannot be guaranteed until the day before check-in. We will provide a check-in package to be picked up at one of our offices located at either:

302 N. New River Drive
Surf City, NC 28445


St. Regis Resort (Building 2)
2000 New River Inlet Road
North Topsail Beach, NC 28460

Do not go to the Property prior to check-in as this will impede the inspections and cleaning of the property that must take place before your check-in. After hours check-in are available thru our secure drop box system. If you will be arriving after 5:00 p.m., you must let us know prior to the day of arrival.

Check-out: No one wants to leave Topsail Island, but ALL guests must be checked out from the property by 10:00 a.m. All keys must be returned to the office where check-in packages were picked up; including any amenity and parking passes. Keys may be left in our drop box located at our office. Instructions for check-out will be included in your check-in package including a checklist that must be completed.

Parking: For single family properties and duplex properties, please park only in the available space at the property. Parking at the next door property is not permitted and may cause your vehicle to be towed. RV's, buses, and etc. are not permitted to be parked at any time without express written permission. Most of condo property complexes are limited to two vehicles. If you have any questions regarding the availability of ample parking for you and your guests, please talk with a representative from our office.

Bring With You: Each property has cooking utensils and dining service for the number of occupants listed on the property description from our website. Even though most kitchens on each of properties are well equipped, you may want to bring your favorite kitchen pots, pans, or baking items. Not included with your vacation property and things that you need to bring are: sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, paper products (including trash bags), cleaning supplies, beach furniture, and other personal items.