Five Cool Facts Everyone Should Know About Topsail Island

Five Cool Facts Everyone Should Know About Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a unique place and holds a special place in the heart's of North Carolinians. While many people are familiar with out famously beautiful beaches and equally charming community, there is actually a whole lot more to Topsail Island than meets the eye. In fact, Topsail Island has had an interesting history that few folks know about. This week we have five fun fact about Topsail Island that you simply must know. 

Sound like a local

Whenever you travel somewhere there is always a learning curve. Maybe you need to learn the local roads, public transportation system, or where the best places to eat are. Sometimes, there are even little dialects and accents to navigate. Topsail Island is no different. Any visitor will tell you that the locals pronounce "Topsail Island" a little differently than you might expect. There is however a correct way to pronounce your favorite beach destination. 

History is always a murky path to travel especially when it come to language. There is actually very little information about the origin of the correct pronunciation. However, if you want to sound like a local, here’s the correct way to pronounce Topsail. First you need to drop the "sail" sound in the name. When you do this you end up with a "Tops'l" almost making the sail sound like "sill". Now you'll be sounding just like a local. 

We are a barrier island

Did you know that Topsail Island is considered a barrier island? Barrie islands play a critical role in the coastal ecology and makeup of the geography of North Carolina. Unlike island like Hawaii we are not just an island, but as the name says a barrier between the sea and the mainland. Because of this unique role we have an interesting and beautiful geography. In fact, did you know that Topsail Island is 26 miles long? 

Some visitors swim here

It's true every year for thousands of years some of our most popular and interesting visitors swim here. What are we talking about? Sea Turtles of course! The beaches of Topsail Island have for thousands of years been the nesting grounds for the beautiful and majestic Sea Turtles. Visitors and locals alike love this time of year and did you know you can even help? Click here to discover more about Topsail Island's Sea Turtles. 

Pirates loved our waters

Did you know that the waters off of Topsail island were well know to some of the most famous pirates of the day. These include the likes of the famous Blackbeard. In fact the coastal waters and small barrier islands like Topsail Island were the perfect place for pirates to hide from lurking British patrols. It's true you might escape here to relax and so too did the the pirates. 

Can you keep a secret?

Did you know that Topsail Island was home to a secret missile program named Operation Bumblebee?  This secret program was the foundation for our modern jet and rocker systems. It's true. Why was it called Operation Bumblebee? It's name came from the seemingly impossible aerodynamic problems related to rocket flight. The main focus of the program was to develop what are called "ram jets". You can still see parts of this past on the island. You can find two of the original towers that were used by the rocket program on the Island. Both of these have been converted into to private residences. One of the other buildings has become the Missiles and More Museum which is a favorite attraction for locals and visitors alike.  

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Five Cool Facts Everyone Should Know About Topsail Island

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