The Best Beach Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love

The Best Beach Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love | Seashore Realty

There's something magical about a day on the beach with the kids. Maybe that’s because the beach itself is a place of magic. Ok, not magic, but there's some amazing science taking place on Topsail Island's beaches. This week we have some great science experiments and things to do with the kids this summer on Topsail Island. After all, it’s never a bad time to learn something new about our beautiful beaches. Here are the best beach themed experiments for the kids this summer.

Dissolve A Seashell

This is a wonderful way of showing children the power of acids in a safe and fun manner that's all about the beach. All you need for this experiment is a glass, some white vinegar, and a seashell. This experiment can be done anywhere and certainly safe to do in any of our vacation homes. All you need to do is pick out your favorite shell. Place it in a glass and add white vinegar. The rest is science. 

For more information check out Teaching Beside Me. 

Build a volcano

Volcanoes are an amazing expression of the earth's power. The flying lava, the rivers of magma, are perennial favorites among kids at science museums. Our volcano is a lot safer and a whole lot more hands on for the little ones. You only need a few items and you’re ready for an eruption of fun. Here’s what you need.


A Sand Bucket

Baking soda


Optional: food coloring (which adds a lot of wow factor to the experiment)

To make the volcano take a bucket, a taller skinny one is best or liter water bottle with the top cut off is ideal. Build up the sand using the bottle as the core until you have a large volcano shaped mound. Add up to a cup of baking soda and then add the desired vinegar for the eruption. The kids will love this 

For more details about this experiment check out Growing A Jeweled Stone.

It’s never too early to start learning about the effects of beach erosion. Discover the causes of beach erosion and the science behind erosion. With this simple and fun experiment you can engage the kids in a meaningful discussion about this important topic. Check out this video to see how easy this experiment is. For more information, check out the Scientific American blog on this topic.

Get Hands On With an Ecotour

Want to learn more about the local environment and ecosystems while having fun at the same time? The folks at the Ecological Marine Adventures offer a wide variety of adventures. You can take kayak tours, group or private tours, and there are even summer camps for the kids. This is wonderful way to get outside, have an adventure and learn more about our beautiful Island.  

Sand Slime

Kids love the beach and kids love sand. So, making sand slime is a winning combination that'll be a fan favorite. This is an easy to make experiment that is appropriate for big and small kids alike. Don’t forget to grab a few scoops of sand to take home and have as a unique Topsail Island memento. Click here to get everything you need to make the ultimate sand slime. 

Saltwater Experiments and Buoyancy

Kids will love learning about the difference between saltwater and regular water with the floating egg experiment. This is a very simple experiment that is perfect to try while at the beach or of course, it is also the perfect experiment to do on a rainy day. Check out this video to get loads of informative information about how saltwater effects the buoyancy of objects. 

Are you ready to book your Topsail Island beach vacation? There is still plenty of time to book a late summer beach vacation that is sure to be the highlight of the summer for the kids. Not to mention mom and dad deserve a break. Give us a call today or click the button below to see our entire current inventory. 

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The Best Beach Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love | Seashore Realty

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