Fun Beach Themed Things You Can Do at Home

Fun Beach Themed Things You Can Do at Home

Things are a little different right now. For many of us, we are sitting at home with the kids. Before we know it, life will return to normal but right now if you are like the rest of us, we are dreaming of all those great days on the beach! This week we thought it would be fun to look at some things you can do at home. When it's time to plan your next beach vacation, we'll be here and ready to assist you with all your Topsail Island beach vacation dreams! Until then, gather up the kids and have a great time with these beach themed activities. 

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Make a Beach Sea Shell Wind Chime

Do you have a pile of seashells laying around from your last beach vacation? If you do, grab the kids and make a seashell wind chime!

Cut around the plastic jug 1 inch from the bottom. Discard the rest of the jug or save it to make a scoop. 

Use a cordless drill to make six holes in the center of this piece of plastic.

Then make a hole in the top of each of the shells. Some shells might break, so you'll need to have a couple of back-ups. 

Next you need to cut six lengths of cord that are each 16 inches long. String four shells on each piece of cord, making a knot in between the shells to hold them in place. 

Thread the ends of the cord into the holes you made in the plastic.

Thread another length of cord through the first hole and knot it. Thread the other end through the last hole and knot this. If necessary, make two separate holes for this cord. 

Now all you have to do is hang the wind chime on the porch.

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Virtual Beach Scavenger Hunt

With so many kids out of school, now is the perfect time to bring a little beach themed learning to your kids day! How about a virtual beach scavenger hunt?

Kids love to be on the computer and this is one way parents can get the kids away from Netflix for a few hours. 

Here's how to create a scavenger hunt from home. 

Select a topic such as beach wildlife.

Pick some websites. The websites should be kid-friendly and contain the information that you want your kids to find. Be sure to check out the links from the websites, especially those with ads, because they are not always appropriate for your kids.  

Using the websites as a guide, come up with questions that can easily be answered from the information on the different sites. The questions should be fairly easy and age appropriate. Don't forget to include some questions about Topsail Island!

Make a Beach Themed Scrapbook 

Is your phone full of pictures from your last visit to Topsail Island? Now is the perfect time to clear some of that memory space on your phone while creating a wonderful scrapbook of memories for your family! 

There are so many great ways to make a scrapbook. Next time you run to Walmart, check out the arts and crafts section... there is sure to be plenty of supplies. Grab the things you need. Next, get those pictures ready. Most modern home printers can make good quality photographs. Don't want to head out to the store for paper and other supplies? No problem at all, Amazon has everything you need. 

Create a Beach Playlist

Can't get to the beach? Bring some of the beach to your daily life by way of a fun and light beach-themed playlist! 

All you need is an iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud account. Have fun and let the kids help. The sky is the limit. Use this time to introduce the kids to the oldies and of course, Carolina Beach Music. 

Now you have some fun beach tunes to spin in the house. 

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Beach Trivia Contest

Trivia is a fun and family-friendly game that any age group can play. Whether it's with the kids or getting a group of friends together over Skype or Facebook Live, making a trivia game is easy! First you need to make a list of trivia questions. Moms and dads, you can help the little ones by creating a list of questions appropriate for their ages. 

Some of the best fun can be had with the adults. Get a group together virtually, which is easy with today's technology. One way to do this is to have each couple or person submit questions to a referee. The referee can then be the one who keeps score and asks the questions. Don't forget to include some questions related to your favorite beach destination... Topsail island!

Family Movie Night

With so many of us at home, working from home and in general hanging out with family, now is the perfect time to plan a beach themed movie night! 

There are literally hundreds of beach themed movies to choose from. Weekend at Bernies, Overboard, Jaws, the list goes on and on. Whether you want to have fun with the kids or have a romantic movie night, there are plenty of beach movies to choose from on Netflix and Amazon. 

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Remember, the beach may be physically far away for some of our readers, but for the true beach lover, it's never far from our hearts and minds. You don't have to be here to be part of the Seashore Realty Vacation experience. Enjoy our blog and take notes because soon it will be time to plan your next Topsail Island beach vacation!

Fun Beach Themed Things You Can Do at Home

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