Shrimp! The Best Facts and Recipes

shrimp! the best facts and recipes

Shrimp is an interesting ingredient that can be used in so many different ways and dishes! These little creatures are pretty fascinating, so let's dive in and learn about these cool crustaceans!

shrimp! the best facts and recipes | seashore realty

What is shrimp, exactly?

Shrimp are classified as crustaceans, meaning that they have a "body made of segments, a tough outer shell, two pairs of antennae, and limbs that are jointed." 


There are more than 2,000 shrimp species and they are known to live in all different types of waters and climates. 

They're great swimmers

Did you know that shrimp can swim faster backwards than they can forwards? This is due to their ability to flex their tail and abdomen very fast and fling themselves backwards! Sounds kind of fun...

What do they eat?

Pretty much anything! Plants (dead or alive), algae, snails, fish, worms, plankton, and even other dead fish or shrimp are all on the menu! In the wild, observation has shown that they seem to prefer to nibble on dead creatures over ones that are living. Bon appetit!

Not all shrimp are... shrimpy

Shrimp vary widely from only a few centimeters long to 12 inches or more! The Fairy Shrimp is one of the smaller species, measuring less than 5 centimeters and the Giant Tiger Shrimp and Jumbo Kuruma Shrimp are some of the largest species, measuring a foot or more.

They can get pretty "snappy"

Certain shrimp species have pincers, and sometimes, they smack their two pincers togethers, causing a very loud noise. This shrimp-snap is louder than all other marine animal noises! Researchers think they do this to stun prey or communicate with other shrimp. 

shrimp! the best facts and recipes | seashore realty

Mantis shrimp pack a punch!

Not only are Mantis Shrimp beautiful, but they also pack a deadly punch! These little forces of nature have a special spring-loaded fist that they punch out of their body at over 50 mph, faster than a .22 caliber bullet! Such sudden force actually causes the water around them to instantly boil. How crazy is that? Check out the video below to see the Mantis Shrimp in action!

Although Mantis shrimp are not technically a shrimp (they are classified as a shrimp relative), we couldn't leave out this amazing creature!

Now that we know all about these tasty little creatures, let's check out the best shrimp recipes!

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Now that you're all brushed up on your shrimp knowledge, come put your cooking skills to the test during your Topsail Island vacation! Our fresh, local shrimp is truly delicious and just one of the many things to love about our slice of paradise. Don't have 2022 vacation plans yet? It's not too late! Today is a great day to plan your dream beach getaway, and we're standing by to help.

shrimp! the best facts and recipes


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