Yum! The Best Beach Snacks

yum! the best beach snacks | seashore realty

If you're heading to Topsail Island soon (and we hope you are!), one thing's for sure... you'll want to have a few yummy beach snacks handy for those lazy days in the sun! Read on to discover a few tasty treats that we think you'll love. 

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Of course when you're planning your beach snacks, you want to make sure you choose things that won't get soggy in your cooler, and these snacks fit the bill! They can also be easily made at your vacation rental.

ranch seasoned oyster crackers | seashore realty

These yummy ranch seasoned oyster crackers are great for kids and adults and are super snackable!

vegan cowboy energey bites | seashore realty

Grab and go with these easy vegan cowboy energy bites. Even better? They're no bake! 

air fryer pasta chips | seashore realty

Crunchy and full of flavor? Yes, please! Check out these air fryer pasta chips!

guide to homemade popsicles | seashore realty

It's not a beach day without a few delicious popsicles to cool you down! This ultimate popsicle guide is a great place for inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

pinwheel club sandwiches | seashore realty

These pinwheel club sandwiches are way more fun than a boring old pb&j! Get creative and enjoy.

rainbow fruit kebobs | seashore realty

Rainbow fruit kebobs are an excellent beach snack choice! They are super healthy, assist with rehydration, keep easy in your cooler, and the kids will love them!

salad in a jar | seashore realty

Looking something a little more substantial for your time on the beach? Try a salad in a jar (or plastic up with a lid). It's so easy to make a delicious, portable salad that will fill you up without weighing you down.

cucumber sandwiches | seashore realty

Cucumber sandwiches are a beloved summer snack, and they can easily be enjoyed on the beach! Cut these refreshing sandwiches up into bite sized mini-sandwiches and you're good to go! Be sure to pack these in a glass storage container to keep them from getting soggy.

trail mix | seashore realty

Kids love trail mix and this go-to beach snack can easily be made in your Topsail Island vacation rental! Let your kids pick out the ingredients (or follow this kid-approved recipe), put them in individual baggies, and off to the beach you go!

chocolate covered pretzels | seashore realty

Sweet and salty is such a yummy combination, and these chocolate covered pretzels are so easy to make! Don't forget to keep them nice and crunchy in your cooler.

frozen yogurt dipped blueberry bites | seashore realty

These frozen yogurt-dipped blueberry bites couldn't be any easier to make and are healthy and delicious. You could also try strawberries, grapes, and other fruits.

bacon wrapped crackers | seashore realty

Bacon lover in the family? Give these bacon-wrapped crackers a try for a crunchy, salty, pleasing snack!

You've booked your Topsail Island beach rental, the coolers all packed up with yummy snacks, and you're ready to go! We can't wait to see you enjoying the beautiful beaches of Topsail Island this summer!

yum! the best beach snacks | seashore realty


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