Important Beach Safety Tips for Your Family

important beach safety tips for your family | seashore realty

Whether you're on the beach or swimming in the pool at your Topsail Island vacation rental, we want your vacation to be full of fun, and of course, safe. Before you hit the beach, take a moment to read over these important beach safety tips and share them with your family. 

Learn About Rip Currents

Rip currents are extremely dangerous, and it's very important that you know how to spot a rip current and most importantly, how to escape if you find yourself caught in one. Click here to learn about Topsail Island rip currents and please take a moment to watch the informational video below. 

Know How to Swim

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many people venture out into the ocean without knowing how to swim. If you have small children, invest in swim lessons before your Topsail Island vacation. You can't put a price on peace of mind. Remember these tips:

-Only swim in lifeguard protected areas

-Never swim alone

-Don't try to swim beyond your comfort zone, know where to stop

Don't Let Your Kids Swim Unattended

If you rent a vacation rental with a swimming pool, your kids may ask to take a dip without mom and dad... but don't give in! It only takes a split-second for an accident to happen, so avoid any bad situations all together and hang out by the pool with your kids at all times. 

Learn the Beach Flag Meanings

You've seen the different colored flags flying on the beach, but do you know what they mean? Click here to learn the different colors and their meanings. 

Know Your Location

Whether you're staying in an oceanfront vacation rental or using a public beach access, pay attention to your surroundings. Know where you entered onto the beach and know where you set up your things. Give your kids a specified meeting place on the beach in case they wander away and get turned around.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Of course, we all love sunny days on the beach! However, sometimes we have an afternoon storm or two. Be aware of the changing weather, especially here in NC. Our weather can change very quickly, with sunshine one minute and storms in another. If you see lightning or hear thunder, get out of the water and get off the beach. Wait for the storm to pass (which probably won't take too long!), then head back to the fun. 

Watch for Holes in the Sand

Kids will be kids and they love digging holes in the sand. It's fun and can provide hours of fun! Sometimes people forget to fill in their holes, which can be quite large, and that is a danger. Nothing can spoil a vacation like a twisted ankle, or worse, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, if your family digs a hole, don't forget to fill it in when you're done playing.

Stay Hydrated

If you've never visited the south in the summer before, one thing to know is IT. GETS. HOT! We typically have very high temperatures, along with very high humidity all summer long. The risk of dehydration and even heat stroke are very real when you're out in the hot sun, so make sure you pack plenty of cold drinks and snacks for your family. Not sure what snacks to pack? We've got you covered here. 

Watch Out for Marine Life

You may just happen to come across some super-interesting marine life while enjoying the beach such as starfish, octopus, fish, jellyfish, or even a small shark! As fascinating as they are to look at, be sure to keep a safe distance and also don't touch. We all know how curious kids are, so make sure they understand the dangers of touching marine life before you ever even hit the beach. 

Now that you're all refreshed on staying safe on the beach, we hope you have all the information and tools to have and amazing Topsail Island beach vacation! Sea you soon.

important beach safety tips for your family | seashore realty


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